BMB Professional Projects.

BMB Professional Projects.


  • BMB Energy Auditing & Management.
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    • Energy Auditing & Mngmnt of Stand Alone Power Systems.
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    • Energy Management of Industrial Systems

      Energy Audit of Nabalco Uranium Mine, Gove, Northern Territory of Australia.

      Energy Audit of Brick Factory Krusevac, Serbia.

      Energy Audit of 'BAHUS - Na Eks' Juice Factory Paracin, Serbia.

      Energy Audit of Boral Australian Gipsum Port Melbourne Plant, Melburne, VIC Australia.



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    • Energy Auditing & Management of Large Hotels & Other Commercial Premises.

      Mainly in Australia.



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    • Energy Auditing Equipment.



       -Energy Auditing System designed & Implemented (based on National Instruments hardware and LabVIEW software).


       -Pico Technology Cooperation. Extensive Use, Familiarization and Further Development of Pico Technology Cooperation's (UK) Range of Products. Data Acquisition Hardware and Software. ADC-11, ADC-16, ADC-22, PicoSCOPE, PicoLOG.


       -TCA – Test & Certification Australia. Extensive use and Familiarization with TCA – Test & Certification Australia, a Sydney-based company. Energy Use Monitoring Hardware and Software. Power Sleuth (TM), EUM (TM).









    • Energy Auditing Methodology.


      Australian Standards. AS3598.






    • Energy Audit Regulations & BMB Compliance.

      The IPMVP (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol).

      Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP).

      Certified Energy Manager (CEM).

      Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professionals (AP).

      P.Eng. (Professional Engineers) / Chartered-Certified Professional Engineers (CPEng).

      Membership of the Institution of Engineers (Australia: MIEAust).



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  • BMB Industrial Projects.
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  • BMB Renewable Energy Projects.





    • BMB Renewables Australia.

      BMB is Accredited for Design & Installation of Renewable Energy Systems in Australia.



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    • BMB Renewables Serbia.

      Hydro Power Serbia.

      Wind Power Serbia.

      Photovoltaics Serbia.

      • Hydro Power Serbia.

        HPP Grza.

        HPP Gruzza.

        Hydro Power CrosFlow Turbine HPCFT BMB.


        • HPP Gruzza.

          Tender SHPP Gruzza.

          Managing HPP Gruzza Project.

          HPP Gruzza Design.

          HPP Gruzza Contract.

          Construction of HPP Gruzza.


          • Tender SHPP Gruzza.

            Contract Title:


            Construction of Small Hydro Power Plant at Gruza Lake

            Publication Reference:SG-D-01/06


            City Assembly of Kragujevac


            Trg slobode 3.


            34000 Kragujevac Serbia









          • Managing HPP Gruzza Project.

            Institute Mihajlo Pupin Belgrade, Serbia.

            City Assembly Kragujevac Serbia.

            City Water Authority Kragujevac Serbia.

            Serbia Waters - Public Enterprise, Serbia.

            Serbian Government's Agency for Energy Efficiency.

            European Agency for Reconstruction.


          • Design of HPP Gruzza.

            Conceptual Solution & Design.


            Construction Project Design.

            Full Design of HPP Gruzza.

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          • HPP Gruzza Contracts.

            Contracts between BMB and Institute Mihajlo Pupin - Automatika, Belgrade, Serbia.

            Contracts between BMB and City Assembly / Water Authority Kragujevac, Serbia.





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          • Construction of HPP Gruzza.

            Provisional Construction Activities.

            Preparatory Construction Period.

            Construction Works.



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          • Branimir's Role, Authority & Capacity: HPP Gruzza.

            BMB as Authority for Renewables and Small Hydro Power Plants & Technology.

            History of SHPP Gruzza Tender & Project.

            BMB as Key Factor for Tender, Design & Construction to Succeed.




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          • Prologue HPP Gruzza.

            What was the outcome of HPP Gruzza?

        • HPP Grza.

          History of HPP Grza Site - Grza Lower Lake Waterfalls.



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        • Hydro Power Turbine HPCFT BMB.

          History and Background.





    • BMB Batteries.

      Stationary batteries for stand alone electric power generation systems.

      Batteries for solar/electric and electric vehicles.

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    • BMB and Photovoltaics.

      PV Generators Solar-Diesel Battery - less.

      PV Generators Water Pumping Systems.

      PV Generators Solar-Diesel-Battery.

      PV Generators Mobile Platforms.







    • BMB and Thermal Solar.


      SunSaver System.



    • BMB and Wind Power.

      Wind Metering Systems.

      Wind Turbines Perth: Survivor & West Wind.

      Wind Turbines Fast Spinning Kg.

      Wind Turbine Mid Wind Speed.

      Wind Turbines Slow Turning - with Generator.



    • BMB and Bio Gas.

      Bio Gas Fixed Dome Digester.


  • BMB and Automotive.

    Automotive Dynamo meters. Automobile on-board Computers. OBD. Communication Protocols. Sensors. 

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  • BMB and Electronics

    Education and Academic Background. General Electronics Experience. Familiarity with particular ICs. System Design & Integration. Power Electronics. Automotive. Analog to Digital Converters. Sensors & Transducers.


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    • BMB and ICs.

      A/D Converters. RMS to DC Converters. Frequency to Voltage Converters. Micro Controllers. Micro Processors.

  • BMB and Heat Machines.
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  • Plastic-to-Fuel Technologies.
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  • Water Treatment Technologies.

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