Adviser to the General Director: Branimir's Senior Positions in Cement Industry.

PROPOSAL: Factory Automation, Cement Factory.

 After an intensive investigation of the all aspect of company's business (production, internal organization and external liaisons), have presented the Proposal of a long-term factory modernization program. The major suggestions were about factory automation - the plant's process control, quality assurance, preventive maintenance and energy management systems.


APPOINTMENT: Adviser to the General Director, Cement Factory.

 The Factory Automation Proposal has been accepted, and the General Director of the Company has appointed me to be his Adviser. I was given the budget of about A$1mil per year and all the authorities necessary for organization of an intensive project activity. The company structure was : General Director with Adviser to the General Director;  Deputy General Director, Technical Director, Financial Director, and R&D Managers. The Production Managers were reporting to the Technical Director.