Modeling of Dynamical & Other Systems and Industrial Processes is a key issue, a starting point for many Systems & Processes tasks. Weather it is a quest for right sensors, setting up of project proposal, an initial industry energy audit, or a composition of block - diagram or state-space representation of a system / process to be controlled, it all starts with physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, (electromagnetic) field theory, mechanics of fluids, thermodynamics, and then... it gets translated into the mathematical language of formulas, equations and relations that enable us to further work on our problem. 

BMB has acquired an extremely wide and profound insight into various physical systems that doesn't get lectured at any school, no matter how high ranked it is. It might not be the specialist's knowledge of the space craft propulsion systems, or the nano - technology requiring dedicated equipment, but, instead, it is down-to-Earth knowledge that helps resolve our day-after-day problems, such as the optimal control of industrial processes, waste heat recuperation, renewable energy harvesting, and similar.

This is where one-man action does make difference: where others need a team, BMB does it by himself.


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