CONTRACT. Assistance in PLC Programming & System Engineering.FIMA Factory Mionica Serbia – Measuring, Data Acquisition & Supervisory System for Steam Generation Plant: Participation in FATEK PLC Programming & Program/System Documentation Preparation. Assistance in realisation of SCADA for FIMA Factory: Central Supervisory System to encompass the existing & future FATEK–, and other open PLC- based DAQ & Supervisory subsystems within FIMA Factory energy & production plant. Services. Assistance in PLC Programming & System Engineering. Steam Boiler Control System Design. In Particular: Developing the FATEK based replacement of GESTRA Boiler Plant Control System.


Design MSC BMB FIMA Water Intake – Bore Hole. Design of Measurement-Supervision-Control (MSC) System for Process Water Intake. Bore Hole with Pump, Bore Water Storage Tank & Pump: Overall Subsystem Integration & Control.