Managing Bores in the Territory.

Managing Bores in the Territory.

Crucial issue: providing enough of, and in a reliable manner, drinking water for the cattle herds throughout Northern Territory stations.

These bores are remote - usually tens of kilometers away from the homesteads, on a rough roads.  At Mountain Valley Station, there were 17 bores equipped with the windmills and the associated diesel engines (permanent or temporary) that would mechanically drive the bore pumps (either piston-type, or rotational ones).

Windmills & Bores at Mountain Valley Station, and how to get there:



 The windmills found are often of the iconic origin:


-COMET and Southern Cross vintage windmills running bore pumps-

but only the new solutions would bring the true benefit:


In order to succeed, I needed to know the basics:


                     -Bores at Ban Ban Spring Station-

but, the winning solution had to be the best - and so it was:


Britannia Bore Solar Powered Pump, my land-mark solution & installation, had been running faultless at Ban Ban Spring Station ever since the pump has been dropped into the bore.

It wasn't easy to get the project agreed upon, against the large companies such as MONO, SOUTHERN CROSS, BP SOLAR, ... My competitive advantages where (1) expertize with the photovoltaics & associated power electronics (solar controllers, peak power trackers, DC drives), and, perhaps (2) my ability to complete almost entire work locally (from the design, via the concrete foundations, mechanical & electrical installation, to the final commissioning) without usual 'head office' setbacks.

Nowadays, we offer the complete solutions, including the remote supervision of the all relevant bore parameters: the bore depth of discharge, the above-ground tank water level, panel-controller-pump performance indicators, ...


DC driven submersible pump with solar power supply managing controller. Combined Wind / Diesel / Solar bore pump. Helical Rotor bore pumps, solar powered.  Bore testing: yield, level. Remote supervision of bore & collecting reservoir water levels: telemetry, LoRa.