Australian Stations, Roadhouses, Stand - Alone Power Systems Remote Outpost and Branimir's Family.

Mountain Valley Station, Northern Territory of Australia.

Juzni Kucaj Mountain Properties, Serbia.

Power Generation. Diesel Gensets Optimization, General Maintenance and Repair.

-I have dealt with all sorts of Northern Territory Diesel Engines / Electricity Generators, usually found powering homestead electric services & activities. HINO, CAT, Lister, Stanford,...

- Managed to drop genset fuel consumption from 110 to 40 liters per day at Mountain Valley Station. We replaced 6-cyl HINO by 3-cyl HATZ, after completing power demand management & solar heaters installation, among the other things.

- Managed to design & install the innovative solar water pump at Ban Ban Spring Station. Their Britania Bore pump is still operational, since '96, and that's my pride in the area (~25000 liters of water per day, from ~30 meters depth).

- I have introduced LPG into the Diesel Genset at Cadney Homestead, where we also worked on wind-diesel system.

- Managed to produce first photovoltaics - diesel system without batteries at Douglas Dally Tourist Park, reducing directly the diesel consumption whenever sun was available.