Brief CV.

Branimir M Brankovic, PhD Cand, Magistar of Sciences, MSc, Dipl.Ing.EE, ex-MIEAust ex-CPEng.
Sole Trading Consulting & Systems Engineer, Researcher & Scientist, Designer & Installer




University Educated (PhD-MSc-Dipl.Ing) & Accredited R&D Expert for System Modeling Control &
Simulation, Process Automation & Instrumentation.
• Extremely Strong Electrical / Electronics Engineering Background.
• PV, Wind, Hydro & other Renewable Energy Systems (Multi / Inter - Disciplinary) Licensed Designer & Installer: Mobile (Hybrid Vehicles) and Stationary (Micro Grids – Commercial / Utility Systems) Platforms.
• Knows Components (Power Electronics, Battery Storage, Inverters, Turbines) and Systems (combines / integrates various energy sources – Systems Engineering). Peak Power Trackers, Tracking Systems (PV), Grid Interactive Inverters, Software Aids (Homer - hybrid renewable energy systems, HelioScope, PVsyst).
PLC/HMI based Automation Systems - Designs and Installs: from Initial Stages, Algorithm (Block Diagram / Flow Charts), Programming (Ladder or Structured).
• Electronics - Designs and Implements Micro Processor / Controller (ICs) Based Systems: Regulators, Transducer, Interfaces. C, Assembler.
• Specialist for Sensors, Metering Systems, Instrumentation & Data Acquisition Technology. Thermocouples, Anemometers, Electric Power, Fuel Flow (Gas / Liquid).
Modern Control Theory. Optimization Techniques: Non-Linear Programming (Newton's Algorithm) and Bellman's Dynamical Programming. Adaptive Control. Predictive Control. System Identification Techniques. Classic Control Theory. Stability Analysis.(PID) Regulator Design. LabVIEW/MatrixX, Matlab/Simulink tools. FORTRAN.
• Plastic-To-Fuel Technologies (Thermal Pyrolysis) and Bio Gas Systems - Designs & Operates.

Sole Trade & Hired - Project Proposals & Tenders / Bids Preparation, Negotiations, Project Management.
Consultant: Renewable Energy Systems. Industrial and Stand-Alone Power Systems. Energy Auditing & Management.
Designer: Renewable energy systems. Data Acquisition and Process Control.
Installer of (Renewable) Power Systems, Communications, Computer, Automation & Control Equipment.
Advisor: Modern Control Theory, New Technologies.
Manager: Industry, Automation, R&D.
Scientist: R&D, Lecturing, Presentations, Publications.

Scholar & accademic qualifications – formal education:

Doctor of Philosophy Candidate (PhD Cand)                                                                                                     Northern Territory University (now Charles Darwin University), Darwin NT Australia. 3,5 years. Scholarship and Australian Postgraduate Award. Seven Half-Year Reports each containing PhD Thesis Section (completed). .Original topic: Unified Approach to Strategic Optimization of Transport Systems Operation. Conferenced at USA, Australia, Japan, Germany, Serbia.


Magistar of Science(MrSc)

By Belgrade University - Electrical Engineering Department, Serbia, after passed the Nostrification procedure / examination before Commission.


Master of Science (MSc)

Auburn University, USA: with Honors. Completed in one year, 3 years regular, GPA 3.99/4.00 with Scholarship and Research & Teaching Assistantship. Among the Best (Length of Study & Grade – Wise). Eta-Kappa-Nu, or HKN Honnorable Society. Extraordinary topic (Solar/Electric Car), fast graduation (11 months / three years schedulled). High References (GM, University Deans & professors, Space Power Institute).


Graduate Engineer in Electrical Engineering (Dipl.Ing.)

Belgrade University, Serbia: with Honors, 5-year Degree (Regular/Prescribed) Study. With Scholarships. Grade 8.73/10.00, essential 9.00/10.00, Diploma Work–Thesis 10.00/10.00. Among Few of the Best, (Length of Study & Grade – Wise). Three Scholarships: from the State + from two of Then Top-3 Yugoslav Companies (ZASTAVA Kragujevac + ENERGOINVEST Sarajevo).


Army Special Forces Trainee 

With Honors, one year. With Rank and Medal (Best Soldier - Battalion). Special Forces – Yugoslav Army Marine.


Technician for Laboratory Physics

Secondary/High School with Honors (Diploma VUK KARADZIC: all grades 5.00/5.00), 4 years. Degree/Title. Esspecially Studied Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Technology & Other Natural Sciences. French and English as Foreign Languages.

Primary School with Honors (Diploma VUK KARADZIC: all grades 5.00/5.00), 4+4=8 years. Especially prepared for Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Technology and Other Natural Sciences. French as Foreign Language.


Professionally operates as Sole Trade Consultancy (R&D, System Engineering, Design & Installation) World-wide since '90-ties. Active in Australia, Europe, Canada, USA, Russia and elsewhere. Owns and operate Micro Grid Energy System, with PV, Wind, Micro Hydro and Batteries, for R&D activities. Full Proprietary Research Facility with Mobile Workshops (DAQ,PLC,SCADA,LabVIEW/MatrixX/NI, ...).