Cement Industry PROJECT managed by Branimir Brankovic: Electrical Energy Management System.

PROJECT: Electrical Energy Management System.


As Head of System Engineering and Consulting Dept., serve as Project Manager on this project. Main goal is design and implementation of computer based expert system for electrical energy management in cement industry. Particularly, work on optimal scheduling of resources, production planning and electric load control. Also work on strategic on-line utilization of energy distribution contract. In cooperation with Institute Mihajlo Pupin Belgrade and Holderbank Management and Consulting Co., Ltd., Switzerland, realized at Cement Factory Popovac's facilities, and elsewhere. Ref.: Prof.Dr. Petar Bosnjakovic, Researcher, Laboratory of Automation, Institute Mihajlo Pupin, Belgrade, Serbia; also: Mr. Michael Blanck, Head of Energy Consulting Dept., Holderbank Management and Consulting Ltd., Holderbank, Switzerland .